Paying by invoice

Payment by invoice is available for businesses wishing to purchase 5 or more courses from us. If you are buying fewer than 5 courses but still need to pay by invoice please email or call us on 0845 388 7458 to discuss your requirements.

What Discounts Are Available?

The following discounts are available for multiple purchases of courses:

  • 10% discount on over 10 courses
  • 20% discount on over 50 courses
  • 30% discount on over 100 courses
  • 40% discount on over 500 courses

How Do I Purchase By Invoice?

To pay by invoice simply add the required courses to your shopping basket, if the number of courses in your basket exceeds 5 the payment by invoice button (shown below) will appear.

look for this option on the basket screen

Click this button and fill in the form and a member of our team will contact you to arrange the delivery of your user details. Your users will be able to access the course straight away, we then release certificates for users who have completed the course once the invoice is paid.

If you have any problems or wish to discuss your requirments further please email

How Do Bulk Purchases Work?

When you purchase multiple users for a course each user will be given a unique login name. This account will track their progress through the course. If you purchase more than 10 courses you will also be given access to the Management Suite. This will allow you to see how your users are progressing.