Management Suite

E-Learning is an ideal way to train your staff in food hygiene. You don't need to get all your staff together in one place and they can undertake the training at their own pace.

Now we can provide you with the facility to track the progress of your staff using our management suite.

Using our system you can take control of your company's training courses:

  • Easily monitor your staff to ensure your business is legally compliant
  • Quickly view progress reports for all your staff
  • Check the progress of a specific individual
  • Identify staff yet to complete the training
  • Amend your users details / password

This system is FREE * when you purchase more than 10 courses!

* For purchases of less than 10 courses the cost is £59 + £2.50 / user ex. VAT

The images below are actual screenshots of the management features. For more information on this system or any of our courses please email us

Food Course Management Suite Food hygiene Course Management Suite