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Ideal for anyone working in catering, care and hospitality including care homes, restaurants, schools, etc

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Ideal for anyone working in retail food outlets including supermarkets, food shops, butchers and market stalls.

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Perfect for anyone working in food assembly, processing, packing and storage.

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An online food hygiene certificate carries with it many benefits, the most notable being proof that you have received the right level of training and understanding about basic food hygiene principles.

There are a number of different food hygiene certificates you can gain, depending on which sector of food you work in. We can help you find out which course is best suited to your work.

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Once you purchase one of our training courses you will be provided with a set of login details to the food course. These login details can be used on any PC or Mac with an internet connection and will never expire so there are no time restrictions involved, your login details will be valid whenever you need them.

Our Learning Management System will save your progress through the course so you can logout at any point in the course and come back to it whenever you like. When you purchase more than one course we will provide you with a separate set of login details for each user. All you need to do is distribute the different sets of login details to your users, they will automatically be prompted to enter their own name and address details for the certificate when they login for the first time.

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The content and delivery style of our Level 2 Food Hygiene Courses has been cerefully audited and approved by Environmental Health Officers. The course itself has been thoroughly examined by Ian Marriner, a registered and qualified Environmental Health Practitioner with over 20 years local authority experience and several years in charge of an Environmental Health Service.

Ian is now director of an Environmental Health and Training Consultancy. He is an experienced trainer and has developed and delivered a number of accredited and bespoke training courses to a range of audiences. Ian regularly provides training on behalf of Birmingham and Warwick Universities and to a range of local authorities and private sector clients. His qualifications include an honours degree in law and several post graduate diplomas in health and safety, acoustics and management.

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As soon as you complete any of our courses you will be given the option to print out a confirmation certificate. You can also save this to PDF. This can be used as instant proof that you have passed the course until your full certificate arrives through the post. We always send out the full food hygiene certificates within 1 working day by first class post, so it won’t be long before it is delivered to your door.

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